Downriver Senior Olympics
Residents 50 years and older can play!

Check out Mapquest if you need further directions to your event location.

Great Job Carol of Trenton. Your group also enjoyed the Banquet at the Flat Rock Stone Creek Banquet Hall!

Directions/ Locations

All event locations will be listed on the Registration form of 2017. 

There are a few new locations for events this year:
Opening day festivities will be at Westfield Center in Trenton as well as other locations.
Pickleball will played at Flat Rock Community Center.
Billiards will be played at the Lincoln Park Moose.
Trenton High School will host several events.
Elizabeth Park will host the Paddle & Peddle.
10 Pins Bowling Alley will be where we Bowl.
Riverview Highlands will be the location for the Golf event.
Kennedy Recreation Area will hold the Hockey Shoot-Out and the Swimming events (outdoors).
Stone Creek Banquet Center in the Flat Rock Community Center will host the Unity Banquet this year.
Your registration form will have addresses and your conformation form will have time, date and location as well.

We have completed the 2017 games and look forward to Flat Rock being the host city in 2018.

Event locations are listed in the registration packets, available May of 2018.  Please ask at that time for specifics to your Senior Coordinator. Registration forms have addresses to each location that there is an event.
Please see the map above for details.
Most Opening Day events will be at the Flat Rock High School Field with the Opening Ceremony being held at the Flat Rock Auditorium.n.
Each event has the location listed in the registration form. Addresses are listed on the back page of the registration packet.