Downriver Senior Olympics
Residents 50 years and older can play!

Events & Information...
We have a few changes in the Downriver Senior Olympic Board... Jim Krueger has taken the lead in River Rouge (with the passing of Clem Roberts) and Marilyn Oliver has stepped in to represent Ecorse on the Board. Donna Reno of Woodhaven worked hard for the Senior Citizens on her events too!

Some of our Senior Olympic Board Members who really have put in time and effort into the planning of this event are Rodney Wade (an 8 medal winner this year) and Shelly Riechlin,  along with their Recreation Crew. Thank you all for the hard work!
The Chili Cook-off will be held on Tuesday at 4:30pm, giving your Chili the day to stew and gain flavor! Bring your crock pot with about
4 cups in it for sampling.
The winning Chili this year with a spicy and hearty mix was wonderful. We had several varieties and styles of Chili and even had some additional "fixings" for the taste test.

Thank you to our Judges this year!


Great Job!

Each Winner got a Medal; winners will be based on color, texture, taste, smell and flavor.
Welcome - Grab a Raffle Ticket for Door Prize Drawing after the meal!

Brownstown took home 105 in 2016!
Swimming was at 3pm, inside at the Flat Rock Community Center pool and Pickleball was played at the in the Flat Rock Community Center gymnasium.

News and Events

Mayors of cities as well as residents who train all year long are welcome to participate in the games! Even if you only trained your brain, you are welcome to join in the fun. 

Some of the most competitive  games are the cards.  We offer medals in Euchre, Pinochle and in Bridge.  Medals are given in Age divisions as well as Sex, so men and women are encouraged to play!  The Dance competition is not specific to sex, so grab your partner and sign up!
Name your parter on the registration form and come and dance!
The Unity Banquet offers a wonderful meal at Stone Creek Banquet Hall in the Flat Rock Community Center, where medals will be distributed, displayed by participants, a proudly shown off by those seniors who won them.
Opening day games will consist of a variety of events.  Each one of those games will have equipment on the field for participants to use. 

The helpers will have the fields marked and ready to go at your assigned start time.

The Baking contest required that you bring disposable pans for your items, so that after judging and distribution, you are not looking for your "plate".
Billiards location will be the Lincoln Park Moose.
The EXHIBITION Event of the Paddle and Peddle was a great success with new participants giving it a try.   The paddle portion started @ 8:15am, after the one mile run, and the Bicycling 3 laps around Elizabeth Park began after participants got out of the kayak.