Downriver Senior Olympics
Residents 50 years and older can play!

Looking for Fun!
The Chairwoman for the Bean Bag Toss in 2019 was Amy Thomas from Brownstown with the help of Carol Garrison from Trenton, Nataliya Music from Rockwood, Tamey Gorris from Gibraltar and Rose Swidan from Romulus.

The Downriver Senior Olympic Board is a Team that works very hard all week to run a great event...

Great Job gang for getting those bags and scores!
Results for Bean Bag Toss included 5 bags, standing 10 feet from front of the board.

The board was 4 ft. x 2 ft. with a 6 inch diameter hole.
We used 3/4 lb. bags and the Seniors were very comfortable with this game.

Any bag landing on the board scored 1 point and the bag that went threw the hole was scored as 3 points!

All participants get a T-Shirt for registering.

Opening Day sponsors will be on hand with free samples and representatives to answer questions about their services.
All ages and abilities were tossing the Bean Bags into the Hole!

Opening Day walk and Field Event Fun for everyone!

People from all over Downriver come together for a week of fun events!