Downriver Senior Olympics
Residents 50 years and older can play!

The participation for the Downriver Senior Olympics has grown each year, bringing us to nearly 540 people competing in this week long event!

We eliminated the Ring Toss and replaced it with the Bean Bag Toss!

The rules will be similar to that of the popular game "Corn Hole". A board with a hole in it will be your target from 10 feet. Any bag that hits the board and stays gets 1 point and any bean bag that is tossed threw the hole gets 3 points. Each player starts with 5 bags to toss - Have fun practicing this new one!

All Registrations forms must be returned to your Downriver Senior Center by no later than June 30.

NO registration will be taken late.

Call your local Senior Center or Community Center for details.

Please open the registration forms and print them if your Senior Center has not got the forms.  Forms may be printed and filled out from home.  Return them with a check to:                21311 Telegraph Road, Brownstown, MI 48183


To register for the games, you may download the attached to this page or get a registration form from your local Senior Center. 
Registration has begun... Deadline for registration for participation is June 30th.

Registration cost is $7 and includes a T-Shirt.  Each additional event is just $2 per game.   There are a few games that require an additional cost; Golf and Bowling, Paddle & Peddle equipment.

The Baking contest has different catagories of baked items, but only one (1) registration fee.  The swimming event also is one fee for up to 3 events.
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John, "Solitaire" - Olympian and Entertainer!
Each registered person will receive a T-Shirt. You will get a typed confirmation of each of your games and an exact detail if your event requires it (ex: Lane # for Bowling, Tee time for Golf...)

Your Senior Coordinator will provide you with any maps to locations that you might need!
Staff from 3 Cities help to time the Swimming competition...

The price of the golf event includes the lunch and the cart.
2019 Golf Event was held at the Southwinds Golf Course in Southgate...